Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention is used to protect our potable drinking water from a potential contamination, this can be caused by a back pressure or back siphoning in the water supply.

The simplest way from preventing this contamination from occurring is by installing a backflow prevention device. These devices can be installed at strategic positions within the plumbing system.

There are many different models of backflow prevention devices, which are used in different scenarios depending on the risk associated with the possible contamination. These devices can either be untested or require an annual test to meet the legal requirements of Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

At Tucker Plumbing we are qualified Backflow Prevention plumbers we are able test your backflow prevention devices. We offer a specialised testing program in which we will:

  • Test your device
  • Upon a successful test result we will lodge the relevant forms with Sunshine Coast Regional Council.
  • We will also notify you two weeks before your annual test due date, taking the hassle away from you of organising a test and getting the appropriate paperwork in place.