At Tucker Plumbing we don’t cut corners when it comes to blocked drains because we understand the inconvenience this causes. That is why we strive to clear your sewer and/or storm water drains on the same day.

We use the latest technology on the market including:

  • CCTV Camera – Provides footage showing you the culprit
  • Pipe locating equipment – If a dig up is required we don’t just take a “stab in the dark” and start digging holes all over your back yard. We locate the pipe and provide you with a variety of options
  • High pressure water jetter – A high pressure hose with various shaped/sized cutting attachments that is sent into the blocked storm water or sewer pipe to clear even the most stubborn of blockages
  • Electric eel – The electric eel is a cable that rotates clockwise or anti-clockwise with different shaped/sized cutting attachments to cut through the blockage. This can be used in conjunction with the high pressure water jetter.

We understand that clearing blocked drains isn’t a pretty job and can create a horrible mess. We will clear the blockage and clean the mess so you would never know we were even there. There are no hidden costs at Tucker Plumbing. We give you a fixed price to unblock your drains. All of our quality work comes with a satisfaction guarantee