Hot Water




At Tucker Plumbing we understand the inconvenience caused due to hot water issues, our knowledgeable emergency hot water plumbers will assess the situation and provide you with cost effective solutions to your hot water problems.

We are experienced in all types of hot water installations and repairs from electric hot water systems to gas continuous flow systems. We are local sunshine coast plumbers and offer you a prompt service.

Our Hot Water Tips:

Regular servicing of your hot water system is required to allow the system to sustain the best possible performance and results.

These simple steps can prolong the life of your electric hot water system saving you $$$ by avoiding unnecessary breakdowns.

  • Gently lifting the lever of your pressure relief valve located near the top of your hot water system every 6 months. This will slowly flush the valve free of any accumulated debris build up. Be careful when doing so, the discharge water is untempered and extremely HOT. This relief valve is designed to discharge small amounts of water to stop the build up of excessive pressure within the system.
  • Over a period a time the TRP (temperature and pressure relief valve do wear and leak wasting valuable water and costing you $$$. When you are in this situation the valve will need to be replaced which can also prolong the life of your heater.
  • Changing the sacrificial anode within the hot water system. The sacrificial anode is a metal rod situated in the middle of your heater and is designed to corrode instead of the system itself.